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Stucko’s Pub & Grill

Written By: Jessica Hetrick

The Business

Stucko’s Pub & Grill contains a number of iconic features which set it apart from other bar & grills in the area and its no wonder why this establisment is often a go-to for locals and visitors alike. Although NMU pride can be seen all over town, no pub shows it quite like Stucko’s. They are where you will find the NMU Coaches Show on Monday nights, loads of displayed Wildcat flags or decor, and the “Sistine Chapel of Third Street” made from painted ceiling tiles created by the residents of the area. If we are all being honest here, this is one of mine and Stephanie’s favorite places to go for lunch or a night out (so much that my husband and I have a favorite table and the waiter remembers their usual drink orders). The summertime offers an open patio area where you can enjoy your beverage of choice, a nice lunch, and soak in that sunshine before winter hits again. Mike and Sonia Stucko really know how to make any visitor feel like a local with so much of their own personalities they have put into this place. Of course around parade time, we have a tendency to return the love.


So getting down to the important stuff: The Food! 

What can we say about the food at Stucko’s? Well they weren’t voted Marquette Reader’s Best Burger in Marquette or voted best burger by Lake Superior Magazine for nothing. I think it’s safe to say they have some pretty good burgers here. In my personal opinion, it is becoming harder and harder to find good, old fashioned, bar & grill food. With everyone trying to stand apart from each other  in a town this size, you end up with burgers containing ingredients harvested from remote islands that no one has ever heard of before, with small portions and big dollar signs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, sometimes new is great. But if you’re looking for something familiar that you know will be amazing, Stucko’s is the place to go.

Moving on, lets talk about whats on the menu. I want to mention that if you don’t see a burger/sandwich that fits exactly what you are looking for, they have a “Build Your Own” option which is great for those with a specific craving. To satisfy the grown up child in all of us, there is a gourmet grilled cheese, which is hands down one of the best I’ve ever had. If you’ve never had Poutine, I suggest being a little adventurous and trying this super comfort food, you can thank me later. For every day of the week they have a new special, like Mexican Monday, which offers a discount on those select spicy specialties. You can find some of the best homemade bourbon BBQ here and fresh whitefish all week long. There is so much offered here, I can’t possibly cover everything on the menu or this would turn into a small novel. You’re better off just taking my word for it and trying them all for yourself.

Next up: The Drinks

As you can tell from the logo and the header photo, Stucko’s might be a little known for their beer shoops. Holding 32oz of your preferred hoppy goodness means you might be hanging around a little while for your friends to catch up. The bar contains a large selection of draft beers, and the shelves are always stocked with a variety of liquors. Pair that with some pretty awesome bartenders and you are guaranteed to find something to match your tastes.

Lastly: The Staff

If I haven’t convinced you yet that Stucko’s is the place to go, the staff can certainly top it off. Friendly and personable, this team really goes above and beyond for customers. One server, whose name is escaping me at the moment, has such an amazing memory and knowledge of the menu, he doesn’t write anything down… ever. And your food comes back exactly how you wanted every time. It still blows my mind, but then again, I have the memory of a goldfish depending on the day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience regarding the staff, and I know everyone has off days, but I’ve always felt like they enjoy being there, which makes me enjoy being there.

And remember, always tip your servers and bartenders, please drink responsibly, never drink and drive, and take your fun seriously.

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